Atac Staff Explore Depths For Sewer Safety Training


ATAC Solutions’ staff took a journey to the depths to experience working in a sewer environment. It was part of a Confined Space Training course held at the wastewater specialists’ premises in West Farleigh, near Maidstone. A two-tiered mobile unit, which featured a configurable tunnel labyrinth, was hired to replicate oxygen-deficient, belowground conditions.

Reis Gilham, Sales Executive at ATAC, one of eight staff members to take part in the exercise, said: “The idea of taking part in a confined space training exercise was slightly daunting initially. I really didn’t know what to expect, but found the whole experience totally fascinating.”

It’s estimated at least 15 people are killed in the UK each year whilst working in confined spaces. Many deadly gasses lurk underground which make sewer cleaning and maintenance a particularly hazardous occupation. Exposure to sewage or its products can also result in a number of illnesses including hepatitis, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea and vomiting.
During ATAC’s confined space training exercise, which was run by ESS Salesforce, staff were shown how to wear a gas mask correctly due to the deadly fumes present in sewers. They also learnt to read volumes of noxious activity via a gas monitor.

For their belowground training, teams entered the mobile unit in pairs. The facility consisted of 44 metres of configurable tunnel labyrinth, three access points allowing horizontal and vertical entry and exit, as well as LED and emergency lighting. Staff were required to search for certain lights and via radio, relay gas readings to an ‘outside’ team. As part of the exercise, an alarm sounded to indicate teams had entered a ‘vulnerable situation’, requiring staff to wear gas marks and make an emergency exit.

Reis Gilham, who joined ATAC in 2016, added: “It was only an exercise, but a siren’s sound in an enclosed environment without lights can still unnerve. I’m pleased to say we escaped, and the whole training exercise proved an enjoyable learning experience.”

Formed in 2007, ATAC is one of the leading environmental engineering companies in the UK contracting to both domestic, and blue-chip companies throughout the UK. The company has maintained a zero on-site incident record during its 10-year operation.

Adam Colley, ATAC’s Commercial Director, said: “We have a perfect staff safety record, which initiatives such as confined space training will help uphold. Staff health and safety is our number one priority. We thank all those who took part in the exercise for taking it extremely seriously and acknowledging the dangers present in belowground working, particularly within sewers.”

Atac Adds To Tanker Fleet To Increase Wastewater Service Offering


ATAC Solutions has increased its capacity as a UK wastewater treatment specialist by adding a top of the range Jetvac tanker to its burgeoning fleet. Capable of carrying 3,200 gallons of wastewater, it will enhance the company’s customer service provision throughout southern England and London and enable its teams to provide fast response and recovery to its domestic, commercial and blue chip clients.

The Jetvac has been specifically built to ATAC’s specification from stainless steel to guaran-tee its long-term operational effectiveness. Its availability will be particularly vital in southern England as the area is experiencing lower-than-average rainfall, with the unbroken dry spell resulting in hard, unyielding ground – ideal conditions for flooding in the event of a sudden, prolonged downpour.

The Jetvac comprises a function that enables the user to vary the amount of clean water and debris carried in the tank. As well as a superb vacuum facility, the tanker features a powerful jet feature, capable of releasing 153 litres of water per minute at a pressure of 130bar. This makes it ideal for cleaning treatment plant facilities such as sewerage pipes and interceptors.

Adam Colley, ATAC Solutions’ Commercial Director, said: “The commissioning of an addi-tional tanker demonstrates our commitment to optimising our customer service offering. It will enables us to respond even more quickly and effectively to critical situations.”

ATAC Solutions’ tanker fleet collects hazardous and non-hazardous liquid which is potentially harmful to the environment and local community. Its 24-hour emergency maintenance hot-line offers round-the-clock reassurance to a number of assigned independent industrial, commercial and domestic sites throughout Kent, Sussex and London.

Atac ingenuity ensures natural order is maintained during countryside plant repairs

IMG_5659Wastewater treatment specialists, ATAC Solutions, provided an innovative solution to ensure complex repairs to a failing sewerage plant were completed without disruption to a tranquil area of countryside.

Its engineers were called to an area of outstanding natural beauty in the New Forest, location of a sewage treatment works owned by Southern Water. The site, which is adjacent to an idyllic river walk between Beaulieu village and Buckler’s Hard, required refurbishment to maintain its long-term reliability.

With the plant’s units situated at ground level or below to minimise visual impact, engineers faced a challenge in rectifying the problem without causing unsightly disruption. The site, built to serve a population of about 250 people, compromised underground septic tanks, a lift pumping station and a flow-split chamber which channelled flow towards a Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) or a Submerged Aerobic Fixed Film Reactor (SAFF) before passing through a conical humus tank. Designed to be non-nitrifying, the plant does achieve some nitrification.

Following intense investigations, the RBC was found to have expired and required considerable repair. However, due to the unit’s age, spares were unavailable. Rather than remove the below-ground, concrete-encased unit and risk disturbing the scenic surroundings, engineers decided a more practical, and aesthetically-pleasing solution would be to replace the malfunctioning equipment inside. Process calculations were run and a design was developed to manufacture two, self-contained SAFF modules equal to 18m3 total media volume. The units were constructed off-site before being lifted into the prepared RBC body. Blowers were also replaced as part of the upgrade. These are now providing air for both sections of the plant and operating with more energy efficiency than previously.

To ensure the site maintained its regulatory compliance throughout repairs, ATAC supplied its own temporary treatment equipment. The entire refurbishment was completed in two months, resulting in a plant with excellent effluent compliance; long-life projection for Southern Water, and an unspoilt view for members of the public

Atac Solutions – raising levels of quality management


UK specialists in wastewater management, ATAC Solutions, who offer engineered solutions including biological treatment processes and wastewater treatment systems in the domestic, municipal and industrial markets, is to redevelop its quality management systems in order to deliver even higher levels of customer service.

The company is to upgrade its existing ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification – national standards in quality management and national environmental management, respectively – to ensure both meet the revised standard and receive British Assessment Bureau (BAB) accreditation.

The updated procedures will be integrated with a health and safety management system which is designed to optimise working practices and staff training opportunities across all areas of the business.

Jonathan Buckett, Managing Director of Pragmatic Integration, the software company overseeing the systems’ implementation, said: “By upgrading its accreditation, ATAC Solutions is further instilling confidence in its blue-chip client-base that it will complete projects on time and within budget. It takes time and investment to redevelop management systems to gain the very latest national accreditation. In taking the step, ATAC Solutions has proved how totally committed it is to delivering the highest-quality customer service.”

Since its formation in 2007, ATAC Solutions has grown to become one of the leading environmental engineering companies in the UK. The company, based in Maidstone, Kent, offers turnkey packages in wastewater treatment service, which include everything from repairs and maintenance on a wide range of pumping systems, to drain-jetting, product sales and equipment hire.

As well as upgrading its quality management systems, ATAC Solutions is also introducing a P-IMS online application system which will enable the company’s staff to gain instant access to management documentation. This will prove particularly useful for site engineers to validate training or equipment certification.

Jonathan Buckett, whose company is installing the system, said: “The online application programme means the company’s management systems, along with important project-related documentation, are available to all employees at all times via phone or tablet. It’s another example of how ATAC Solutions is streamlining its procedures for the ultimate betterment of the customer.”

ATAC Wins Innovation of The Year Award

This Thursday, 22 November 2012, we have won the Innovation of the Year award at the Kent and Sussex Business awards. The award was issued for our SAF installed at the Charing site earlier this year. Thank you to the judges and our customers who made this possible!

The list of finalists and winners can be found at:



“We feel privileged to have been involved with these awards which allowed us to experience a snapshot of local innovation and business development. Local business benefits from the enormous energy and enthusiasm of a dynamic and resourceful group of people. Innovation is thriving in Kent and Sussex!”

Winner: ATAC Solutions
ATAC solutions are based in Maidstone, employing 12 members of staff, established in 2005. They specialize in Wastewater Solutions and Wastewater management. Operating in the domestic, municipal and industrial markets nationwide they offer engineered solutions that include Biological Treatment Processes, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Service and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Systems and Pumping Systems, Deployable Containerized Solutions, Vacuum Sewerage Collection and Process Design Consultancy.
Rosemary Eve of Brookes Batchellor commented “This company has developed a product to provide clean water in a variety of environments, which is for example cost effective for local authorities in the UK and which may be adapted to save lives in crisis situations such as war or natural disaster anywhere in the world. It is simple and convenient to use and provides enormous benefits. We were very impressed with this entry”.

Article in This is Kent

Kent Business Awards website

ATAC Solutions become a provider to Filter Clear for the Spruce Filter product

ATAC Solutions are delighted to announce the agreement between ATAC Solutions Ltd and Filter Clear for the Spruce Filter media filters.

Adam Colley (Sales Director) has stated “ATAC have always regarded
the spruce filter the best on the market and are now proud providers of the equipment, we hope to take the product to all suitable markets and
we are happy to have another well engineered and innovative product to add to our growing process equipment portfolio.

The Spruce Filter™ is an improved system and process for the elimination of suspended solids from water and wastewater on a commercially viable scale.

Taking deep-bed filtration to levels previously not thought possible in
terms of both speed and filtrate quality (Down to 0.2 micron).

For any enquiries for the Spruce Filter please call ATAC Solutions Ltd (01622) 882400 or email

Hydrok / ATAC HySAF Open Day

Many thanks to our friends from Southern, Wessex, South West ,
Anglian, and 4D for attending and making the days so successful.

The Hydrok / Atac HY-SAF  is now in the final stages of performance trials, and we are aiming for a full report to be published
before Xmas.

(Hy- SAF is the “next generation” of SAF units, with a number of added benefits including no media blockage, and significant power

Hy- SAF media and aeration module



Hy – SAF Media module being removed for inspection

Hydrok ATAC HySAF trials in Wessex Water nearing completion.

We are delighted to confirm that an extensive 9 month trial of our jointly developed HY-SAF unit is proceeding well, and on course for completion at the end of September.

The HYDROK ATAC HY-SAF is a “next generation” Hybrid Submerged Aerated Filter which offers the following benefits over conventional SAF units:

  • Reduced power consumption (around 30%)
  • Higher organic loading rates achieved
  • No risk of media clogging with biomass

We thank Wessex Water for their invaluable help and involvement.

An open day at Crewkerne STW is planned for 22nd and 23rd September.

If you would like to attend, please contact Adam Colley, Sales Director ATAC Solutions.