ATAC Solutions become a provider to Filter Clear for the Spruce Filter product

ATAC Solutions are delighted to announce the agreement between ATAC Solutions Ltd and Filter Clear for the Spruce Filter media filters.

Adam Colley (Sales Director) has stated “ATAC have always regarded
the spruce filter the best on the market and are now proud providers of the equipment, we hope to take the product to all suitable markets and
we are happy to have another well engineered and innovative product to add to our growing process equipment portfolio.

The Spruce Filter™ is an improved system and process for the elimination of suspended solids from water and wastewater on a commercially viable scale.

Taking deep-bed filtration to levels previously not thought possible in
terms of both speed and filtrate quality (Down to 0.2 micron).

For any enquiries for the Spruce Filter please call ATAC Solutions Ltd (01622) 882400 or email