ATAC Solve a Local Fruit Farmers Waste Fruit Issues

ATAC Fruit Press

ATAC Fruit Press

ATAC Solutions had an interesting conversation back in the winter with a local fruit farmer that supplies some of the major supermarket chains with high quality fruit……”What can we do with the rotten fruit???”

In the summer of 2012 ATAC Solutions had designed and built a first ATAC Fruit Press.

Ben Davis, Sales Manager who was integral in the design and build of the ATAC Fruit Press stated “From a simple conversation while ATAC were discussing the sewage treatment system (ATACSAF) on the farm we managed to design and build the first of hopefully many ATAC Fruit Presses. We look forward to the next challenge.

Fruit press Delivery Vehicle

ATAC Fruit Press

ATAC Complete a Major Refurbishment On a Local Treatment Works in New Romney

ATAC Solutions not only provide excellent wastewater treatment products, ATAC can also offer expertise with its water industry trained staff, consultancy and excellent installations, neat, tidy and within budget. Call ATAC Solutions 01622 882400 for all enquiries.

ATAC Solutions were asked to commission a SAF treatment system, install distribution chambers, gantries and walkways along with the supervision on site.

ATAC are proud to say it was on time, within budget and now the site is performing well with its discharge consent.

ATAC look forward to the next challenge.