The new EVOSTA thanks to advanced technology used in the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the frequency converter, the new range of EVOSTA circulators ensures high efficiency in all applications, obtaining important results in terms of energy saving.

The new Dab Evosta circulator adapts to any space. With Evosta, Dab Pumps completes the Evo series ranging from Evotron to Evoplus. This version is specifically designed for the needs of heating systems and adjusted on basic needs.

Primarily conceived for residential applications, given its small size and peculiar characteristics, the youngest of the Dab family is the new entry of the electronic series. – a single product that is an alternative to a wide range of products on the market, with a pressure from 4 to 7 meters, available with different system connection configurations.


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What do you know about ErP and how will this effect you?

Strict EU limit values: take action now.
With the ErP Directive(European Directive for Energy Related Products)2009/125/EC the European Union is promoting climate protection further: the legal regulation for energy-related products, ErP for short, limits electricity consumption considerably even for heating circulation pumps. The ErP Directive signifies the end of inefficient pumps.
Approximately 15 to 20 % of the electricity consumption of an average household is used by domestic heating circulators. The overwhelming majority of these consist of fixed three speed standard circulators.
This volume opens up enormous saving potential: electricity consumption is expected to fall by 23 TWh, electricity costs by 4 billion euros and CO2 emissions by 11 million tonnes just for glandless pumps used across Europe. The EU new Eco-Design Directive, the ErP-Directive EC 641/2009, started 1st January 2013.The purpose is to significantly reduce the energy consumption.
High efficiency circulators for commercial buildings have been on the market since 2001. Now high-efficiency circulators are also available for domestic central heating systems. These circulators can save up to 80% electrical energy compared to conventional circulators installed today. This is achieved by using high efficiency permanent magnet motors and speed control.
ATAC Solutions have got a pretty full range of high-efficiency pumps from Wilo, Lowara and DAB Pumps which are already ErP-ready.You can find High-efficiency  circulators here. We can therefore offer our customers totally future-safe and incredibly economical products.
From now ATAC Solutions will report about the new high-efficiency pumps from different manufacturers every week.

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