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Every day approximately 11 billion litres of sewage is treated in 9,000 Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) across the UK. The treated effluent is then discharged to inland waters, estuaries and the sea. One of the smallest, but most integral and probably underrated parts of these sewage treatment plants are the pumps which ensure the treated water reaches its next destination. But what happens when these pumps stop working?

A malfunctioning water pump can create a number of problems for STPs, especially if it is the only one in use. Without a functioning pump, the treated water builds up and cannot be discharged, the result: an unpleasant flood and a potential environmental hazard.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure pumps do not fail, there are always going to be occasions when incidences happen. ATAC Solutions, with a fleet of tankers, are always on hand to deal with such emergencies and provide emergency back up to ensure that treated water is discharged correctly. However, the most cost-effective solution to this issue is to source the correct replacement pump… and quickly!

With many manufacturers continually upgrading pumps or discontinuing models, it can be difficult to source the correct replacement. However, ATAC Solutions’ vast experience and extensive supply chain enables us to provide fast and effective solutions, to get your STP up and running as quickly as possible, with little disruption.

In the run-up to Christmas, ATAC Solutions helped a number of customers source the correct replacement pumps for their STPs. One of our customers had been struggling to source a Wilo Top-S 40/7 single phase pump, with little success. The pump, a highly specialised product, was obsolete, but ATAC Solutions were able to quickly find the most suitable replacement, a Yonos Maxo 40/0.5/8. Next day shipping meant that within 24 hours of contacting ATAC Solutions our customer had the correct pump and were able to get their STP functioning again.
ATAC Solutions’ industry knowledge and experience provides customers with cost-effective, time saving solutions and will ensure as little disruption to homes and business as possible.

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