Be Prepared for a Flood!

flood prevention

Winter is officially here..and ATAC Solutions are here to help you safeguard your home against flooding year. It is essential to plan ahead, there are several ways you can do this..

Personal Flood Plan
You can start by creating a personal flood plan which will help you decide what practical actions to take before and during a flood. To find out more about flood plans and download templates visit the Environment Agency flooding pages. 

Flood Damage Insurance
It is highly advisable to set up flood damage insurance if you are in a risk area. Be aware some companies my not cover all the costs for damages caused by flooding, but it certainly gives peace of mind.

Prevention Methods
Strengthen vulnerable areas, doors and windows are the main areas that needs to be protected. Flood boards are a popular option with many people as well as sandbags. If you have a property that suffers from regular flooding sandbags are only a temporary measure! Installation of sewer non-return valves below ground can protect your property against sewage and grey water backing up to your toilets and sinks. These methods are a lot easier than people first think! contact us today for some help.
Good insulation is also the first step towards preventing freezing / burst pipes. It can also be worth opening up cabinets that conceal pipes, as well as your loft hatch, to allow warm air to reach your plumbing. Keep your heating on to at least 15 degrees centigrade for a little while each day to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. 

England is well known for its unpredictable weather…invest in a flood protection kit and do not get caught out! Atac Solutions have a page dedicated to flood help. Atac Solutions Flood Page

 Flood Contacts Important to you

  • Water Removal; have a range of people and resources who can help you
  • Flood Warnings; you can register online or call the floodline on 0345 988 1188 FLOODLINE
  • Home Insurance; The National Flood Forum

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 Atac Solutions Pump Shop..What We Recommend For You!

Generators - Even if you get a power cut generators will allow you to continue the running of your pump.
Submersible Drainage Pumps - We have a wide range of submersible pumps do not hesitate to give us a ring for some help choosing which one you need for your property.
Sandbags - We have ‘Floodsax’ clean easy to store and fit alternative to sandbags for the protection of property from flooding. They are filled with a super-absorbent polymer which when dry lay flat and weight only 200g. Great for storing in the dryer months! 
Accessories - Inclusive of Hoses, Hose Clips, Strainers..Visit Accessories

We are always here to help, contact ATAC Solutions today on T: 01622 882400

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